18 January 2011

Feel like a child again, start a new job

So I started a new job. Gone are the days of warm goodbyes (thanks Océ colleagues, what a great way to part), back to reality and the beginning of a new exciting journey. One of the first differences I noticed is the use of social media for external purposes. The pharmaceutical industry is very different from the printing industry. This business is all about quality and safety. Everything that distracts people from these two key performance areas is more or less irrelevant. Moreover, this is a highly regulated business. Companies are very restricted in what they can say or do in the outside world. So, more than ever before, I need to stress that this is a personal blog. I will keep following trends in internal communications, but I will not share any information about my present company.

I noticed first hand now how digitalized our world has become. Fortunately, I have kept up with the trend, but consider all the new things I need to learn: a new phone, a new operating system, a new teleconferencing tool, a new intranet, a new navigation system in my car, you name it. When you need to change all these things you suddenly become aware of how depended we have become on digital communication tools. I felt like a little child that first week, and I am still figuring out Vista, but at least I can answer my phone now ;-)

One of the greatest things for me to pick up will be the staff engagement program (volunteer work, sports, theatre, staff celebrations, you name it). There is a lot available, also from the corporate HQ, but good ideas are more than welcome.

04 January 2011

10 things that struck me at Océ

  1. Proud to have worked for a typical Dutch engineering firm, with great engineers and designers who make fantastic printers.
  2. Where are the women at the top???
  3. Very decentralized organization.
  4. Great history, what will the future bring?
  5. Great, nice, creative colleagues at the International Communications Department, who are at their best when they organize fantastic trade shows.
  6. At HQ language breakdown, my estimate: 2% English, 38% Dutch, 60% local Limburg accent (very different from standard Dutch)
  7. The HQ closes for two days during Carnival.
  8. WOW, do they know how to celebrate ‘Carnaval’ in Venlo. I have learned to see the difference between ‘Carnaval’ and ‘Vasteloavond!’
  9. The financial crisis really hit us. What an impact!
  10. As everyone says: Océ will always stay in your blood. That’s correct.
All the best Océ, I really enjoyed my time, but it is time to move on! Amgen, here I come.