04 January 2011

10 things that struck me at Océ

  1. Proud to have worked for a typical Dutch engineering firm, with great engineers and designers who make fantastic printers.
  2. Where are the women at the top???
  3. Very decentralized organization.
  4. Great history, what will the future bring?
  5. Great, nice, creative colleagues at the International Communications Department, who are at their best when they organize fantastic trade shows.
  6. At HQ language breakdown, my estimate: 2% English, 38% Dutch, 60% local Limburg accent (very different from standard Dutch)
  7. The HQ closes for two days during Carnival.
  8. WOW, do they know how to celebrate ‘Carnaval’ in Venlo. I have learned to see the difference between ‘Carnaval’ and ‘Vasteloavond!’
  9. The financial crisis really hit us. What an impact!
  10. As everyone says: Océ will always stay in your blood. That’s correct.
All the best Océ, I really enjoyed my time, but it is time to move on! Amgen, here I come.


  1. #11: Océ the place where you became part of the IT-crowd

  2. Ha, Tom, you are right! Thanks for the lessons!

  3. die Fan Feen was een kanjer..jammer tottie weg is. Bert

  4. 12. Oans, Zwoa, Drei... Zguffa!! ;)

  5. Nice list Jan! Grtz Petra

  6. Didn't realise that the carnival was soooo popular it closes a multi-national HQ for two days. Wow! Must come over some time and find out how non-Englanders celebrate so well.

  7. Bert, goed om ut Nimweegs weer eens te lese. Ben je al uut de cel? houuuu je...
    Angie, no comment..., Petra, thanks, go for the top, we need women there, and anonymous: come to Venlo during carnival, you'll be amazed...