27 April 2011

Is social media ruining students?

Last month I wrote a blog post entitled 'students don't use social media'. Under this somewhat provocative statement, I shared with you my observation that students don't see social media as a separate entity; it is just part of their lives. Highly recommended reading, that blog post, of course ;-).

Interestingly enough, I received an email from Cathryn Vance (thanks Cathryn), who shared this infographic with me, stating that it would be interesting to the readers of this blog. And, indeed, it is a nice overview, very balanced, leaving room for your own judgement. To me, it shows that research and insight around social media are maturing. We have left the phase of fore or against, and we are starting to focus on pro's and con's. I find this a very healthy development, as all media have pro's and con's. Knowing these, help us communicators choose the correct media wisely. Hope you enjoy the infographic as much as I did. If you find it hard to read, here is the link to the original site. http://www.soshable.com/is-social-media-ruining-students/. There you can click to enlarge the image.

Is Social Media Ruining Students?
Via: OnlineEducation.net


  1. Nice post Jan! I think it all comes down to how we use social media, instead of just using it because everybody is. How can we use social media to learn better, be more productive, etc.?
    The intersection between social media and learning is very interesting I find. Lots of thinking is being done in this space, also called 'social learning'. Learning is one of the reasons I use social media. By being more explicit about the things I learn, wonder and have questions about, etc. inspired me to carry on.
    I ran into this infographic about how social media is changing the face of education: http://www.mindjumpers.com/blog/2011/04/education-industry-infographic-2/ .

  2. Thanks Samuel, you hit the nail on the head (once again). Social media and learning is indeed a very interesting topic. I wish I had more time to dig deeper there, but I wil start by checking the graphic you recommend.


  3. Just came to this, interesting stuff. - the graphic is great - do you know what software was used to create it?